Friday, October 06, 2006

Mummy Mania

So, I was flipping around the channels on a Saturday night, stuck in the house with my wife who had nasal surgery a week ago and is still on the mend, when I discover a show with one of the best titles ever: Mummy Autopsy. It was all about scientists figuring out how (mostly) ancient peoples managed to die and be mummified. One of the scientists helping the MIs (Mummy Investigators, how ridiculously awesome is that?) had the title of Osteoanthropologist, which I thought was pretty cool.

Trying to find the show's website on the Discovery Channel supersite, I came upon a minisite called Mummy Mania. I will surmise that they are trying to do for mummies what they successfully were able to do for sharks. While I LOVE mummies, I think it will be difficult to drum up the same frenzy that you get for great whites.

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