Thursday, October 05, 2006

Last Minute Project Runway

I haven't blogged about Project Runway at all this season. Don't confuse this with any loss of interest on my part. This season was rife with characters from day one. Unfortunately, my favorite vampire, Malan (above), was cut on the second show. Luckily, we had the insanity that is Jeffrey and the hick gaudy chic that was Kayne to keep the show flavorful to the end.

But who is going to win next week's show? I thought Michael was a shoo-in (just as I thought Kara Saun and Daniel V. were gonna take it all), but the preview pieces in EW looked a little too hootchie. It's gotta be Jeffrey, right? Right?

But who can really resist a designer with the same name as the Knight Rider?

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