Saturday, November 11, 2006

Boobies of the Dead

I saw this in the window of a random shop on my way to Poison Girl in Houston the other night. It made me think of the (NSFW) porno version of Re-Animator that I read about a while ago. But less about the gore and more about the cheesiness of boobie novelties.

When I was really young and living in Pueblo, Colorado, we used to get a charge out of going to Spencers (was it ever subversive, or was that just my sheltered upbringing? I think in the '70s it was definitely a cultural threat) and looking at the adult novelties there. Now that I look back on them, they were pretty tame--fake sweaters to warm your tackle box, naughty party games, wind up penises that jumped around, and nudie jigsaw puzzles. The big thing to do was to go to the jigsaw puzzle and dig out the "guide" photo of the naked woman (since they couldn't put nudity on the puzzle can) and steal it. Much nervous looking and giggling would follow.

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gouge away said...

dudeboobsrule. i love them.