Monday, March 05, 2007

Pac Man Fevah

So when I make it out to LA I like to hang out with my friend Derwood. A couple of weeks ago I was there and because we enjoy reliving the faint memory of our youth at Miss T's Barcade in Korea Town.

I must admit, though I spent many a quarter trying to get good at video games, I was really too much of a spaz to get really good. Still I enjoy a good game of Asteroids. Darren is seen above kicking A at Galaga. (Play an online sim here. I dare you not to get choked up.)

But the game that got us going that night was the Twilight Zone pinball machine. There was something wrong with it, so there were two balls out at once (sounds dirty, but just annoying), which added to the challenge. Not to mention that we never really could figure out different parts of the game that would have gotten us mucho points. Ah well, all in good fun.

The one sad thing is now that Barcade is legit, there's no more hard liquor. Just beer and wine. You can't beat a little '80s flashback, though.

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