Wednesday, September 13, 2006

There's a War on the Streets

The Mission is filled with all different kinds of graffiti. Sometime late in spring or early summer one stenciler started putting sappy, I can only imagine ironic, slogans on the sidewalks. At saturation point other rankled people--or maybe the same artist if they were cheeky enough--started responding to them. First, someone stenciled a pile of shit with the phrase "Shut Up Honky" next to a lot of them. Then others started crossing off letters to totally change the message. And finally the lowest end, illustrated above.

Much like hipster beards, I hate ironic slogans with a passion. I don't care if people think it's really cool to go to the Attic and listen to sappy Commodores songs, this endless stream of inside jokes was tired in 1996.


gouge away said...

I routinely have a hipster beard you sour grape suckin geneticly defunct of a man who can't grow a beard!. Or maybe you like to shave? YUPPIE SCUM!

Commonplace said...

I just assumed you had a sister fuckin', barbecue eatin', redneck beard. Hi-pster, boo-ring.