Wednesday, June 21, 2006

We Are the Robots vs. B.O.B.

I got these from Pitchfork's 100 best videos on YouTube.

Not much happens, but it is awesome. There is some walking. Some robosinging. Some autoturning heads. Kraftwerk flat out rules.

Which reminds me, I finally saw Greg Pak's Robot Stories, and I was really impressed with what he was able to do with such simple ideas.

I guess this is the lesson that we must learn from robot culture--keep it simple, stripped down, and streamlined. If you do it right it will be much cooler. Either that or beware: the robots are going to murder you in your sleep. Nighty night!

"Jane you ignorant slut"

In contrast, this video is fucking bananas and I love it! I cannot describe it beyond a smorgasbord of loony vomited onto my favorite Outkast tune (I just can't help it!) of all time.

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gouge away said...

fred keeps talking about the village ppl's sex on the phone. kinda jeepers creepers.