Friday, April 21, 2006

Twins for Breakfast

I knew today would be an auspicious day when I cracked an egg for my morning breakfast and two yolks came out. It made me laugh and enjoy my asparagus sausage scramble all the more. Wonder Twin powers....ACTIVATE!


gouge away said...

that makes me feel gross. i dont eat deformed eggs, I am very afraid of diseased mutations.

What were you tellin me you usually ate for breakfast and I thought it was weird and makes me think of you every morning?

Commonplace said...

I eat a scramble--used to be asparagus and sausage and now it's tomato, bell pepper, and sausage. It's called protein, baby!

Re: Mutations, I can't wait for the deformation revolution. Our species is seriously ill and needs to be cleansed.