Saturday, April 08, 2006

Inventions: Good and Pointless

Archaeologists in Pakistan discovered that teeth dating back 9,000 years had been drilled using an early dental tool. The cool thing about this is that before this discovery they thought that dentistry had been developed "only" 4,000 years ago. They didn't use anything to deaden the nerves, just drilled in using flint implements.

The weird thing is that the techniques were lost after being used for 1,500 years and cavity fixing wasn't taken up again for another 2,500 years. I guess it was that lack of anesthetic.

Read about it:
AP Story or BBC Story
The original story was in Nature.

I saw this in an issue of Outside magazine and I had to write something about it here. Now, I am usually the guy that is all for useless, insane advances in technology, but I can't think of anything less usable, wanted, or comprehensible. If you're out in the woods trying to set up camp I don't think that your knife needs to play the latest Death Cab song. The USB version is kind of cool, though. I know, I'm dumb.
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