Saturday, March 04, 2006

Robot Donkey

This is a pretty incredible robot, and yet kind of creepy as well. Be sure to watch it through the different tests--snow, uneven surfaces, even a guy trying to kick it over. I didn't even realize that research had gotten that far in stability and equilibrium. Love you, li'l donkey robot!

Check out Boston Dynamics, the company that developed this bot and you will see that our future in Iraq will probably be coming from their labs. War will turn into a giant video game combat simulation. The question is how long will the 3-D simulations put up with that shit before Sarah Connor gets a visit from the future?

1 comment:

Catfish said...

My mom says this donkey robot is hoax, with a capital OAX, because she thinks there are people inside the donkey robot.

Silly Mommy.