Saturday, September 03, 2005

Katrina Brings Out Some Honest Reactions

You never hear people tell the truth in politics or on TV anymore. Politics is all about sticking to the message. Don't say anything off message or you will be shamed like Howard Dean was. TV is all about desperate, affluent white people or shoveling forward the politically expedient and patriotic news message of the moment. This state of media dialog could be called the new "politically correct." Just like the old, early-90s version it's about censoring what you are really thinking, now because of fear of other people's reaction caused by post-9/11 sensitivity--rechanneled into an unquestioning patriotism.

Here are three recent notable exceptions to the pattern:

The Mayor of New Orleans reveals some pretty harsh truths early on (click on the audio): BBC News covers the then live WWL-AM radio interview with Mayor Ray Nagin

Anderson Cooper freaks out at the pre-scripted, robotic Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu: CNN's Anderson Cooper

Kanye West gets some good punches in during the benefit concert last night. With Mike Meyers looking like he wants to go back to friendly Canada and Chris Tucker sticking to the script, Kanye says that George W Bush doesn't care about black people: Kanye West rocks the NBC Benefit Concert

Could these be the first cracks in the neo-PC armor? I love it!

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