Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ah, Crystal Meth, How Did We Ever Live Without You?

First, enjoy this story from Popbitch:

>> Bunny's too tight to mention <<
Sydney man loves rabbits to death

An Australian man has been arrested after
having sex with 18 rabbits. Sydney police have
charged Brendan McMahon, 36, with bestiality
and aggravated cruelty, after finding a pile
of sodomised rabbit corpses dumped in a lane
in The Rocks.

In his defence, McMahon claimed that he had sex
with the rabbits while high on crystal meth.
His lawyer unsuccessfully applied for bail,
stating that McMahon was willing to surrender
his passport and would undertake not to go
within 50 metres of a pet shop.

And then check out before/after glamor shots:
Got Meth?

So this is why I have to have all my vital information taken by the pharmacist when I want to buy some Nyquil!

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