Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tha Real Taqueria?

This is a taqueria just up the street from me in SF. I have to admit that I've never seen many of these things on a menu. Guess I've never lived in the Inner Mission before, huh? I tried the barbacoa, which is the inside cheek, and it was as tender as you would think. But it's best not to think. I have to admit that I couldn't even imagine trying ojo or buche, but maybe I should. For $1.50 I should try everything on the menu!

I've eaten camel sausage, kangaroo in a salad, emu burgers, barbecued and boiled dog, snake blood wine, pidgeon kebabs, bison burgers, and water buffalo roast (came sizzlin' hot and just in time after two months of no meat in India).

Is there anything you wouldn't eat? Besides feces, of course.

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gouge away said...

is stomach pork same as pork belly? if so, that stuff's the shit. sooooo good.

you ate a dog? that's just wrong! dog's got personality. quail is just a fancy and clean way of saying pigeon.

I don't think I could do eyes, brains, dogs or snakes.