Monday, May 08, 2006

Fuck You Microsoft

So I turned on my computer today and got this message. Microsoft has the right to try to enforce their copyright. Goes without saying. But when they try to control how I set my system clock I get really pissed. I'm not using any trial versions of their software--they don't have any--so they have no right to tell me how to set my clock with the implicit threat that they will somehow deny me usage of my legally licensed version of their shitty operating system.

This is where the ease of use rule really breaks down. Since I was sick of having to check for updates because their code was so full of holes for worms and other malware I turned on automatic updates. My mistake since they are using that hole into my system to peek into my Windows literally. Where does MS's service end and my privacy start? I guess in a time when the government can wiretap to defend against terrorists and business concerns trump the individual there are no rules limiting how companies can defend their intellectual property. The new rule is "by any means necessary" and no one is going to step up and put a stop to it.


gouge away said...

they've tracked your blog, and you're going down.
nice knowing you.

Commonplace said...