Monday, August 01, 2005

Danger Danger

I have to say that I wasn't really sure about DJ Dangermouse. The Grey Album didn't really get me worked up beyond an amazing yet obvious concept. But the last Gorillaz album actually won me over. The beats were nerdalicious and quirky, a reaction to the racket that comes from the hip hop money machine clanking away. I'm really not the one to offer an in-depth analysis on this, but y'know.

Even with his success on Demon Days I was really nervous to hear that Dangermouse was teaming up with my hero MF Doom. After listening to a few tracks from here and here, however, I am officially a fan. While I'm not too sure about Brak rapping at the end of "The Mask," I am salivating waiting for The Mouse & the Mask to come out in October. And Ghostface the Iron Man teamed up with the Metal Faced Villain all wrapped up in an Adult Swim and Epitaph shell? I couldn't be happier.


Miss Tanya said...

You gonna update this mofo or what?

Commonplace said...

Sorry my job is getting in the way of your enjoyment, ball bustah.