Sunday, June 26, 2005

For the Aged Britpop Fans Out There...

Which Creation Band Are You?

Exactly what I was hoping for...though My Bloody Valentine would have been appropriate as well.

You Are... The Jesus And Mary Chain. You are moody and unpredictable. You are the underdog who refuses to sink to the bottom. You have more talent than you ever really let anyone know. It almost seems as if you try and sabotage whatever good things may be going on in your life, and you often feel like you may be giving people a bit too much of yourself. Being in the spotlight is something you find to be rather uncomfortable though you secretly yearn to be loved by everyone. You lean toward things of a darker nature and are prone to self destructive tendencies. You struggle with happiness for the simple fact that you seem to be in love with your misery. You are a realist.

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