Friday, May 20, 2005

British Museum Gets Punk'd, Likes It

Banksy is an "art terrorist" who pulls cultural pranks by secreting his work into museums and performing stealth installations. The pieces don't get noticed for weeks at a time and then everyone has a big laugh. Love the play on the credibility that museums give art and artists.

Back in the '80s Jeffrey Vallance was an instructor at Otis-Parsons in LA, who I had met briefly, and he did a similar thing where he painted electrical outlet covers and installed them at LACMA. He then sent out invitations to his "opening" at the museum. It's all documented in that RE/Search book Pranks!.

Anyway, Banksy just put another piece in the British Museum, a fake artifact with a man pushing a shopping cart that is characterized as "early man venturing towards the out-of-town hunting grounds." I love it, the Beeb loves it, and the British Museum loves it. What's not to love?

Cave art hoax hits British Museum

Props to Carbongeek for finding it first.

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