Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Goth Cohen

Speaking of Seth Cohen, Judging Amy was playing in the background as I was doing work (it's true! I don't watch that show!), and who should be on but Adam Brody. Playing a "goth rocker." Oh, those pre-O.C. years were very lean. This was in 2001, two years before he played Seth Cohen on the Gilmore Girls (yes, I know that wasn't the character's name, but c'mon!) and a year before he made a little cameo in The Ring.

Classic Brody line from Judging Amy: "What Juliet did was beautiful. Death is beautiful." He was obviously destined for fame from the start.

Brooklyn's Answer to Seth Cohen?

This is celebrated emo culture author Andy Greenwald. I know Andy and went to see him read at BookPeople last night. What I love about this picture is the way he looks like he's nice, but in a second could strike you like a cobra. That's Andy.

Oh and the Austin American-Statesman used their review of his book (reg req'd) to say that people compare him with Seth Cohen, with his "bed head good looks," which is hi-larious.

The passage he read was pretty funny, too. So think about buying it--Andy's really skinny. I think he needs money to eat.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


This is my brother. When I saw him he had just lost a whole slew of weight (good on him), but all I could say was, "What the hell is on your face?" He took it in stride telling me that he wanted to look more like a cop (since he really is one). I believe I replied with some comment about mirrored sunglasses, but all I could think was how creepy it looked. Sorry, bro, I don't approve. And I know it breaks your little cop heart.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Angelic Balding Pattern

Persons that this guy isn't:
Toby Zeigler
The knight in Army of Darkness who flinches when Ash is menacing the "primitive screw heads."

This head belongs to a fellow that was nodding off on a bus I was riding. I'm not sure why I became so obssessed with his lolling head, but it could have had something to do with mushy brains at the end of my semester in December. What I didn't get in this picture was the fact that five minutes later his hair looked like wings--like the wings on Apollo's ankles. It was almost beautiful...if only I hadn't on a Greyhound bus I might have shed a tear of joy.